Sunday, 12 June 2011

DAY 8 - I Am Grateful For...MY WEEKEND JOB!

As much as I complain sometimes about having to work on the weekends, today really made me realize why I've continued to work at the job I have. I work at a cafe in Port Credit, with a cute little patio, eleven tables, and almost an all girl staff (who of course are awesome), with the exception of the owner/cook! The food is amazing and the baked goods are even more incredible! I've worked there for over two years now and working there has really made me feel like I'm apart of this Port Credit community. We get many regulars that come in to eat breakfast and lunch, and it is nice to be able to chat with them like they are old friends, and make them also feel like they have found a special place they can go to to socialize. We share stories about our lives, joke around, and even give each other advice or help with situations that aren't working in our lives. It's almost like we are sitting around in our own homes at times. Today was just a really great day with the customers, and I felt like I belonged somewhere. I felt so content, happy and focused. So THANK YOU MARISH'S! and thank you to the staff and customers who make working there so enjoyable!!! xoxo

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  1. I am grateful for your blog Lianne - you love and appreciate the same simple things as me :)