Saturday, 4 June 2011

DAY 1 - I Am Grateful For....THUNDERSTORMS!

As I woke up this fine Saturday morning I could hear the rolling thunder in the distance (and hear my dog scurrying under my bed for protection!). I felt the breeze flowing through my window and the rain start slowly falling onto the pavement. How content I felt with my life just then.  I laid in bed, snuggling under my comfy duvet, listening to the rain fall a little harder, and saw the lightning flash. I felt truly grateful and relaxed. I know some people aren't particularly fond of thunderstorms (my grandmother for one), but I've always loved them. I love the feeling of being all cozy in my home, watching nature take its course, and putting on a show for us in some instances. I live on the 16th floor of my building, with just trees in front of me, so I've seen some pretty crazy lightning storms and it's truly amazing that we can witness such a thing!


  1. I really like thunderstorms because I can often see the lightening streak across the sky. I can't see a lot of things with great detail, but lightening in a dark sky is something I can still enjoy :)

    Keep up the great writing!!

  2. I love thunderstorms because they make things more cozy. For example, I'll be laying on my couch, blanket wrapped around me, watching a movie, during a thunderstorm, then my kitty would come sleep on me.

  3. That's amazing Brooke! That made me smile hearing that. I love seeing the lightning! It's so amazing! And yes! I love watching a movie while it's storming out too! So cozy :)