Monday, 28 January 2013

Have You Ever Thought About How It Would Feel To Live a Limitless Life?

Accompanied by "Breaking Free" - High School Musical (don't judge!)

Hey Y'aaaallll!!

HAPPPPPPY NEW YEAR!!!! It is now 2013 - another year to manifest some amazing adventures and experience some great opportunities (and lots of love and happiness of course!!!) It is also the year to break free from any limitations you may be putting on yourself! Personally I want to start living the life I've always dreamed of. The year 2013 is gonna be my freakin' year I say!!!

This blog was inspired by a video I saw on my friends Facebook page asking the question "What If Money Didn't Matter?"

"What makes you itch? What sort of a situation would you like?...What would you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life?"

So many questions!!!! AH! What WOULD I do if money were no object?? and how would I spend my time?? Think! Think!!! After watching this video my head was spinning with all the different options I could experience. There is so much of the world I haven't seen yet and I want to see it all!!!! I WANT TO SEE IT ALLLLLLLLL!!! I couldn't shake, however, the underlying thought of "PSHHHHH that kind of life can't happen to you. You have debt; that's not your destiny; only lucky people get that chance..."Uh yah it can negative thoughts in my head. Did you not see - money is no object so suck it.

We are all lucky. We are alive and breathing which is lucky in itself. There is nothing stopping me but myself (and perhaps all the negative subliminal conditioning our brains are exposed to each day - but that can be fought against :p). The world really is our oyster. We just have to believe it and know we deserve the kind of life we want. Personally, over the years disappointments, struggles, financial strain and a run of bad luck have overshadowed that spark and optimism I once had, and left me feeling stuck - stuck with a clear vision but no clear direction on how to move forward! I have been in survival mode for so long and have become a bit lost.  I've always held this thought pattern that making money and living the life you want involves struggling for it and working endless hours to get ahead. Well...yes...part of that is true. You do need to take action and earn your keep in ways, and do the research it takes to move yourself forward in life, but struggling does not have to be the majority of the equation. We can actually enjoy the journey as we go. There are always challenges to face but they can be seen as learning opportunities and ways to grow as a person. I need to start taking my own advice.

I've laid in bed many nights thinking about what a limitless life would feel like.

"How would it feel to be free of all the worries and struggles and have complete freedom to do whatever you want??? BLISS I TELL YOU!!! TOTAL BLISS!" 

This CAN be everyone's life. Our dreams can be our reality! Obviously money is in existence still and is required for our survival, so at this point until money is of no value, we need to make it. BUT with that said, life can be lived even if you are strapped for cash. Dreams can still come into fruition - perhaps with a little more creative thinking involved if certain goals require more money than you have. Every obstacle can be overcome - maybe some a bit slower than others but they can be resolved!

Here are a few ways I would spend my time if I had the luxury of living a limitless life. Remember your dreams don't have to be censored!!

1) Travel the world making music - with my band y'all!
2) Travel the world exploring different cultures - snapping photos along the way. Explore the different architecture, environments, ways of living, food, drink, entertainment!!!
3) Travel the world volunteering with different organizations. Go to Fiji to build a house! Help build a school! Help with Right To Play!
4) Attend all the music festivals around the world!! Coachella for sure!
5) Finish my Graphic Design and Advertising diploma!!
6) Become a groupie for my favourite band - on a bus like the movie Almost Famous.
7) Buy a cottage, a boat, and a badass Seadoo.
8) Go back to school to take up journalism or creative writing to become a children's author.
9) Buy an Ipod finally.
10) Bike across Canada ( a gym pass first).
11) Travel across North America in an RV!
12) Buy a whole new wardrobe to look cooler.
13) Buy a good camera - and glue it to my body. And buy five back-ups. And hire a detective to find the other two cameras I seemed to have lost in my move.

14) Go to the Olympic games!
15) Attend all the major sporting events - Superbowl, Stanley Cup finals, World Series, FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon - whatever else there is.

16) Go to Hawaii to attend a Yoga and artist retreat.
17) Go to India to attend a yoga and spiritual education retreat.
18) Start my own positive media company!!! Bring along Monika Platek and Todd Cooney with me! Power of 52 yo (check out their website -!!).
19) Road trip from Arizona to California! In a convertible! Like Thelma and Louise - minus all the killing and...driving their car off the canyon...
20) I'd have a full tank of gas all the time! How glorious!
21) I would travel and write about every spa/resort out there in this lovely world. Live a luxurious life for some of my life.
22) Train to become an Olympic squash player. Or perhaps a "table tennis" player. Put my third year university experience to good use.
23) I would go to Bouctouche, NB every summer - the magic of the East Coast is like no other.
24) I would stop war - and obliterate all weapons. We aren't a video game people. Actual people are dying over stupid shit.
25) I would build my first house completely environmentally friendly. And dust resistant.
26) I would start my own TV show and interview all of the people that have inspired me.
27) Travel back in time in the Delorean and actually attend dance classes when I was a kid - not run out of them!
28) Attend more singing lessons.
29) Go to a Red Sox game against the Blue Jays.
30) Purchase a good pair of running shoes.
31) Invent a fashionable boot that fits muscular calves so I too can wear skinny jeans and boots.
32) Spend copious amounts of time in nature - hiking, admiring the sights and sounds of all that is around me - the wind, the rain, the rustling of the trees and leaves. Feel the sunlight on my face. Hug a tree!! Feel the grass on my feet - hopefully grass that hasn't been blessed by bowel movements of our beloved pets.

33) Burn all the cubicles in the world. And fluorescent lighting. No more living each day as caged animals in the corporate world!!!! Unless that is your dream - then so be it.

34) Create tons of farms for animals that can't find proper homes. It saddens me how many innocent little lives are euthanized.

35) Become more involved in the community and with causes I feel passionate about (which I need to start doing now!) - the environment, child abuse, etc.

36) I would restore Maple Leaf Gardens to its original state. Miss the magic of that building. How insulting that they put a freakin' Loblaws there!!!! Pshaw!

37) I would walk 500 miles.
38) I would become a motivational speaker!!!!
39) I would go to Yoga more often! My goal is to touch my toes - at one point in my life.
40) Become a vegetarian - and purchase discipline so my hair doesn't fall out due to lack of nutrition.
41) I would eat clean! and eat the best food out there! I LOVE FOOD!!
42) Purchase the best vibrator ever - I mean....errrr....nope....I really would. How glorious would that be?
43) Attend all the concerts of the aging legends in music - before they die.

If anyone would like to share their own versions of a limitless life please don't be afraid to comment or share your dreams!!!!

I hope you all have an amazing week!!!! Here is to a happy 2013!!

Lovely Lianne XO