Wednesday, 8 June 2011

DAY 5 - I Am Grateful For...MY DOG MADDIE!

Accompanied by "I Love My Dog" by Cat Stevens.

Madison - aka "Maddie" is my ten year old Shitzu (slash not so much a shitzu), that I've had for four years now (stolen from my parents after I moved out of their house because she loved me the most). She is a rather psychotic dog who defines the word "bitch", but has the face of an angel. Most people don't believe me when I say she's evil because she is so cute, and proceed to try and pet her after I warn them that she's not very nice. Startled after the dog attacks their fingers, they look at me wide eyed and red-faced saying "yeah she isn't really nice eh?". DUH. I know! She has made children cry, and sounds like a rabid animal when I give her a bath, and has even bit me of all people! At this point you are probably asking, "why do you have her??" Well folks...even though she is the spawn of Satan's dog, her personality, and the way she snores under my bed wins me over. I can't help but love her. We are two peas in a pod and she's been my buddy ever since I've lived on my own. She's kept me company when I've felt lonely, and made me laugh numerous times as she's humping her alligator in the middle of a dinner party (I can say that she's not ashamed of her sexuality that's for sure). Even though she's a pain in the ass, and a big responsibility (and jealous of any guy I bring home), I couldn't imagine not having her around. She's been sick a lot this year which has made me more appreciative of having her around. So THANKS MADDIE for being the crazy dog that you are!

Cute Maddie.

Cute Maddie after having a bath
Cute Maddie going for a car ride



  1. You're like an old married couple.

  2. Hahaha...true dat!!!! She's the man in the relationship.