Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Have You Ever Been Speed Dating Before?

A clip from House when they went speed dating.

Hey Y'alllllll....

Once again...I haven't written in what feels like FOREVER!! It's been a busy month and I cannot believe it's almost the end of freakin July??! What zeeee helllll?!

SO...why we are all here. Speed dating!!!!!! What an interesting experience it was! I have never been before but have always been curious, so when my friend presented the idea to me in FEBRUARY (yah...we took a while to actually do it) we signed up for some Group On deal and off to the races we went (five...months...later). I didn't know what to expect and was kind of nervous about the idea of having to figure out what to talk about with 10 to 15 different guys in a span of 2 hours. The situation in general felt like a pressure situation. I'm not good with pressure. At all. Especially when it has to do with conversations with boys that I could potentially go on a date with. HOWEVER, with that said, rule number 5 of FastLife speed dating states that you need to just go with the freaking flow and do not plan on what you are going to talk about (or something like that). I am not a particularly good planner to begin with so that wasn't hard to achieve. Nevertheless, I was happy that I was going with someone I knew, who funnily enough was also named Lianne, so double the fun! Yeehaw!

We arrived downtown Toronto at 7:30 p.m. on a fine Saturday night as people were starting to trickle into the venue. I tried not to talk to any guy beforehand at the bar OR look them in the eye OR look inviting in any way shape or form just in case we exhausted all we could talk about before the event even started. Staying incognito was my goal, which promptly ended when my drink straw flung out and hit me. *Sigh* You can't bring me anywhere. Lianne and I chatted with each other for a bit, admired the hot bartender and went into the main room with our drinks. The main room had numbered tables where the ladies had to sit, while the guys had to walk around to each of those tables in order. Suckas!! Lianne sat behind me which became the best ice breaker in history for the guys. You are welcome speed dating men! We seriously made it so easy for them!!! Literally every single guy started off their conversation by mentioning that "OH! Her name was Lianne too" and asked if I knew her. I should have told them "Yes. We know each other VERY well...if you know what I mean. Rarr." I sat at my table number 16 and took a glance at the match card on the table. The match card had blank spaces for every guys name with a YES or NO check box beside their name. Pretty easy to understand. Just make sure you check them off as you go in case you do not remember their names by the end of the night and end up checking off someone you didn't really like.
    At around 8 p.m. the host banged his gong and our first conversations started. Guy number one for me was named David W. and he did something in some sort of field. He had gone speed dating before and wasn't entirely successful but had fun. He also liked to look past me at other people when he was talking about himself so a big NO TO YOU mister. NEXT!!!  Beyond the first guy all other conversations went really well and it was surprisingly more fun than I expected.  There were some really nice guys in our group and it was cool to hear each person's story. It felt more natural after a while and there was a good flow of conversation. Obviously there were some people that I didn't click with - bad breath boys, younger than me boys, "people I couldn't understand if I tried" boys - but all in all it was a good group. Towards the end of the night things got tiring as the process is literally a whirlwind of energy and talking (and that's coming from me!!!). When the last guy of the night came around I was excited for it to be done. When he started talking I was even more excited for it to end. What a douchebag he was. His name was also David and he proceeded to tell me during part of our conversation that I needed to lose weight around the top and middle (he said he was a personal trainer) and it was probably related to diet. He also told Lianne this and there is nothing she needs to lose! He brought up his dead girlfriend three times (the fact that she died period) and brought up his depression and that all the other girls he saw that night drained him of his energy. Holy mother of God make it stop. It would not be surprising if he was baffled why he did not get any matches. 

Anywho, that's really all I have to report. The next day I received four out of five of the matches which is kind of fun. I did it mainly for fun but who knows...maybe something will come out of it :)

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer!!!! I'm off to Alberta soon for a wedding which will be a nice break!

Love ya's!
Lovely Lianne :)


  1. Nice, like it as usually :) <3 Auntie Lucia

  2. Oh Auntie...thank you :) haha. Appreciate your constant support! xo

  3. Bahahhah, this is amazing Grav! Speed dating totally suits your personality, hope one of those matches works out;)