Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DAY 4 – I Am Grateful For….CO-WORKERS!


(This scene is kind of perfect for what our office goes through with our printer! It is from the movie Office Space which is one of my favourite movies :)

I have to say that I have some pretty great co-workers at the office I work at. There are four girls and eight guys that work at the Oakville location so us chicks are a tad bit outnumbered (but I don't mind it this way). I was feeling rather irritated today and kind of snapped at one of the girls who sits on the other side of the wall from me. It was a rather frustrating morning to say the least and I ended up apologizing to her as I did feel bad. I felt truly grateful that I had her understanding and feel rather lucky that I work with the people I do. We have all definitely had some interesting arguments with each other (or more like blow outs), but it’s kind of cool that we can argue and then be completely normal after a big venting session, some tears, and a major cool down! It’s almost like a family in a way.  We are able to sit in each others offices and just talk about our lives (and I mean talk about almost anything), which can get pretty entertaining and a little distracting at times (and if anyone in the head office is reading this we also do some work....*cough*). Having this type of dynamic helps you get through an eight hour work day for sure SO THANK YOU Mia for your understanding today and thank you everyone else for being awesome :) I know you ALL enjoy my singing and my bursts of frustration at my emails...one day those people will hear me on the other end damnit!!

(I also have to say that I work with amazing people at my other two jobs as well. I've been pretty fortunate to make some really great friends from the many different jobs I've worked at throughout my brilliant years of employment so thanks all!).

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