Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Have You Ever Been on T.V.??

Accompanied by the better singer of the song - Sam Cooke - Bring It On Home To Me

SO...in 2009 I auditioned for the T.V. show Look-A-Like  during their 6th season. I have been told SO MANY times that I resemble Jodie Foster since I was in Grade 9 (where someone actually ran up to me thinking I was her in an excited state...she was from my high school!!) so I went on the show saying that I look like her. It was certainly a nerve wrecking experience as the three main people on the show were also the judges! As you stepped into the room, the familiar Look-A-Like backdrop was set up and I was directed to the little white markers on the floor.The audition is taped (obviously) and everyone in the room (which was probably close to 10) is quiet and staring at you. The judges start to ask you questions about yourself and who you think you resemble. I had put on my audition sheet that I loved music, so they made me sing a damn song!!!!! I froze in my spot and panicked! I am NOT a singer so this was really humiliating!!!! I answered hesitantly and said in a meek voice..."yes". Gah!! Now I can't turn back. I'm not really good at remembering words to songs so I sang the one song I knew most of the words of - "Bring It On Home To Me" by Sam Cooke. I sing it in my car almost daily and out loud to myself because I love it. You will see what ensued when you click on the link below :) I am in the first clip. After that they made me repeat the way I said Jodie Foster as I was a bit hyper during this audition and may have done a Mary Catherine Gallagher impression while saying Jodie's name.


Look-A-Like Debut! Audition

I have had this clip for over a year but was too embarrassed to post it! I didn't even know the audition was put on T.V. until a sub-contractor I know told me a year ago that he saw me! Then someone in my building asked if I was on it this year, and then today a friend of mine saw it...SO here it is. I'm biting the bullet and deciding to show all of you haha. Enjoy! 


  1. I love Jodie Foster.

  2. Oh my goodness - your awesome - love the enthusiasm and the Mary Catherine Gallagher reference :)

  3. Love that. Nothing to be embarrassed about. Wish they picked you!!!