Monday, 11 July 2011

**ANNOUNCEMENT: Articles Published!!!!**

Accompanied by "A Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals as it was a beautiful morning seeing this news!!!! 

Hey All!!!

I just wanted to forward on some exciting news! For anyone interested in reading the articles I've been writing for the events I've been going to, they've finally been published on under ON SITE (it's an icon on the right hand side of the front page)!

My articles are scattered throughout so you'll have to scroll through them to find them!!! (you will see my name as an author so it's easy to find). The Toronto Taste article can be connected to on the front page of the website (yeehaw)! The link for the section is also listed below :)

I have some other events to go to throughout the next few months so I'm guessing some of them will be published in this new section of the website. Stay tuned!

Just wanted to also say...THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the supportive comments under my blog entries and support in general! It's definitely been helping me along this journey and I couldn't ask for better people in my life :)

Stay cool today! It's a hot one! Sheesh!!


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