Sunday, 17 April 2011

Have You Ever Heard The Quote...

"Do Not Go Where The Path May Lead. Go instead where there is No Path and Leave a Trail" ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson?

I found this on someone's twitter page and it is SO inspiring and something I wanted to share with everyone. I'm sure many people have seen it, but it's such an important quote! It is so empowering and something we can all do.  I personally have been afraid for a long time to blaze a trail of my own due to the risk of failure as I am a huge perfectionist and care too much about what people think. However...this year is different. This year is all about change and about breaking out of those self-debilitating habits. This year is all about living without fear of the unknown and just giving 'er damnit!!!! It's time! Why live in fear when we can live in bliss and live out our dreams? It's a waste of energy! What really is there to be afraid of except what other people think of us? The answer is NOTHING! I suppose getting out there and becoming vulnerable is a scary thing as it's something new, and challenging, but those feelings always go away...and a little anxiety keeps us on our toes! We can all impact people in some way or another as we all have special gifts to bring to the table if we just become aware of what they are. It's all about persistence, having a passion, being patient, finding what your niche is, and not giving up. Writing this blog is the start of my journey to living my own dream and blazing that trail through the world (which is writing and helping people). I don't mind sharing my personal experiences with anyone and definitely do not claim to be a self-help guru, but if someone can relate to what I may be going through and feel that they are not alone, that's what matters. I was in a contest last summer which was incredibly fun and scary at the same time. We had to blog every week to people who were needing to vote for us. I didn't win the contest but when I was wandering around the party afterward, a woman came up to me and started talking about one of the blogs I wrote and how it affected her and how she related to my experiences, and that completely humbled me. My heart swelled and I realized how valuable we ALL are in this world, and how we are all here on our own journey's and we all affect one another. Whether you impact one person or one million people, we ALL matter. To impact someone though is to allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones and steer ourselves off the beaten path and take a risk to blaze a trail of our own. It's so worth it in the end.

I'm attaching a song that I think is very uplifting and a perfect addition to this post :) It's called "Sing Out" by the Grand Magnolias. I have a bit of a crush on Paul McDonald but I thought this song was perfect for where I'm at at the moment and inspiring for anyone wanting to create change in their lives as well!!!! ENJOY!

Have an excellent evening!!! xo

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  1. Remember there truly is nothing to lose as those of us that really know you, love you no matter what.